North Wood Watch Care: How to Clean and Maintain Your Timepiece

North Wood Watch Care: How to Clean and Maintain Your Timepiece

At North Wood Watch, we pride ourselves on creating stylish and eco-friendly timepieces that are handcrafted from natural wood materials. To ensure that your North Wood watch stays in top condition, it's essential to take proper care of it. Here are some tips to help you maintain your North Wood watch:

  • Protect from water: Wood is a natural material that is sensitive to water. To keep your North Wood watch in top condition, avoid exposing it to water as much as possible. If your watch does get wet, dry it off immediately with a soft cloth.

  • Be mindful of your activities: If you're involved in activities that may put your North Wood watch at risk, such as heavy manual labor or sports, it's best to take it off and keep it safe.

  • Keep it clean: Regular cleaning is crucial to maintain the appearance of your North Wood watch. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe it down regularly. In case of heavy dirt, you can clean it with a mild soap and warm water. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly and dry it completely before wearing it again.

  • Oil it occasionally: To keep the wood looking its best, North Wood Watch recommends using a small amount of mineral oil, linseed oil, or beeswax and rub it into the wood with a soft cloth. Allow the oil to soak in for a few minutes before wiping off any excess.

  • Store it properly: When not wearing your North Wood watch, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or damp areas. This will prevent warping or discoloration of the wood.

Lastly, it's important to remember that a wood watch is a unique and natural product, and as such, it may have slight variations in color and grain pattern. This is not a defect, but rather a characteristic of the natural wood material and adds to the uniqueness of your North Wood watch. By following these simple care tips, you can ensure that your timepiece stays in great condition and continues to be a stylish and eco-friendly accessory for many years to come.